For better or for worse, our jeans have seen a lot of s***. A gentleman never tells, but our raw denim is a whole different story. Although keeping a diary might not come off as a traditionally manly thing to do, a pair of raw denim jeans keep record of your every move without the need for heartfelt words. Read on to see what raw denim is all about, how you take care of it, and what pair is the perfect fit for your collection.  

Seriously, what is raw denim?

Raw, untreated denim is more than a pair of pants, its a documentary of each day spent in them before their first wash. With pre-treated denim, the buyer pretty much knows what their jeans are going to look like in a month. However, raw denim absorbs the wear and creases with each passing days, imprinting a very personal piece of you in the pair.   For the vintage appearance desired by most raw denim wearers, we recommend the jeans are worn for at least six months prior to washing for the first time. However, some denim heads choose to wear theirs for longer periods of time. The longer you wait to wash your jeans, the better they get to know you.    
Raw denim gets to know its wearer on a very intimate level.
Raw denim gets to know its wearer on a very intimate level.

Wear with care

Taking your sweet time with washing your denim plays a key role in giving you a very personal, authentic, vintage jean that is the only one of its kind. However, most raw denim newbies have concerns with how to last half a year wash-free without smelling like it. Although we want your jeans to spill a few secrets, nobody likes catching whiffs of dirty laundry.   Odor is (somewhat surprisingly) a problem that springs up less frequently than most would expect. However, we've heard boatloads of secrets on how to keep them fresh. Here are some of our favorites:
  • Avoid unpleasant odor by lightly spraying your jeans with a fabric freshener (like Frebreeze) and airing them out outside for 24 hours.
  • If you spill something on your jeans, try dry rubbing or dabbing them with a paper napkin.
  • Do not use soap or any other cleaning solution when spot cleaning, since you will risk losing some indigo dye and create an uneven fade.
  • When its time to wash, flip them inside out,  run them through a gentle cold cycle, and hang to dry.
The cinch back pays homage to vintage workwear and is available with the Rebel Straight cut.
The cinch back pays homage to vintage workwear and is available with the Rebel Straight cut.

Finding your perfect pair

Nothing should feel more like a second home than a pair of raw denim. At Cult, we think that means offering more cuts and colors to make entirely your own. Cult's Rebel Straight cut comes with the Cinch Back design in addition to the straight up Dry style. The Hagen Relaxed comes in three types of raw denim: Dry (with a red stitch), Slate Dry (with light blue stitching) and Grey Dry (with yellow stitching). There also is a Rocker Slim style for the guys that just want a basic slim-cut raw jean.  
Raw Denim Options
The key difference between each cut is the size of the leg opening. However, the Rebel Straight has a slightly higher inseam.
Regardless of what cut you decide on, we recommend you buy one size bigger than normal, as the jean will shrink about 10% during the first wash.   Welcome to the Cult of Individuality.

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