Rockerbox MotoFest: Vintage Bikes Take the Heartland

The Rockerbox MotoFest is one of the country's most famous celebrations of motorcycle culture. Until recently, the event occurred in Milwaukee every year and brings together all fans of dual wheel motoring, from Harley Lovers to Yamaha speed bikes.   For 2014, Rockerbox will be occurring at Road America’s National Park of Speed, approximately 60 miles north of the previous location. The event is now being merged with the oversight of Road America’s American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) Vintage Motorcycle Classic, June 6th through the 8th.   Rockerbox motorcycle show harley davidson bike   Rockerbox is a celebration of all things motorcycle, combining everything from vintage cafe riders to sidecars and big road cruising 1000cc machines. Spectators enjoy a variety of shows during the event, ranging from historic static displays to skill riding to bike competitions. Gearheads will feel right at home and fans are encouraged to ride to the event on their bikes, adding to the display and fun with personal touch.   What makes Rockerbox unique is that it is an event for motorcycle fans by motorcycle fans. Unlike many other conventions which tend to driven by business interests, sponsors and advertising, Rockerbox is run by those interested in celebrating the road machine. Some of the biggest attractions at Rockerbox have been the unique bikes put on display for fans to see. Examples include extremely vintage and well-restored early bikes with miniature two-stroke engines, as well as some of the most desired cafe racers from the 1960's. Some fan favorites have included a fully restored black BSA 441 cafe racer in gloss black and gold trim, beautiful Norton Commandos, and even some vintage Cushman scooters from the 1950's.   Rockerbox motorcycle harley davidson   Rockerbox also has parts and swap meet opportunities available, giving home restorers the chance to find a unique part or a missing component that finishes their vintage bike. For those who just want to ride off with a souvenir, there will be plenty of Rockerbox T-shirts and patches to walk away with as well. The event is a three-day fest of motorcycle love worth attending - and 3,000 people annually agree.

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