We’re starting a new series to review some of the most iconic looks that influenced pop culture throughout modern history, starting with none other than the classic film, Pulp Fiction. Check back for more of our favorites each month.

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More than two decades after its release, Quentin Tarantino's insta-classic is still one of the best loved and most quoted ("Say what again, I dare you") in cinema history, and quite possibly Tarantino's finest work.


1. Mr. "Say What Again" 

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He’s basically killing it in denim and khakis way before everyone else thought that was cool.

2. Uma Thurman (obviously...)

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The iconic white button up, the cropped black flares, need we say more? Uma’s enviable Mia Wallace took office-appropriate to a different level, we haven’t worn a white button up to work since.

3. Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta

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The tailoring was so bad, but who would want to wear a well fitted suit in 1994 anyway?

4. Tim Roth

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Who would have thought we’d still be scouring vintage shops for old Hawaiian shirts 20 years later?


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