Features Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca
DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! We know it and love it when others recognize it as well. That is why we were super-pleased to see our Moto Midrise Skinny in Trynca featured on
Motorcycle jeans are my favorite skinny jean style, I am hereby admitting that I am actually a “collector” of motorcycle jeans! The moto details just add such a rad little (or not so little) extra to any – otherwise blah – pair of skinny jeans. These Cult of Individuality jeans do have an extra “special special”. If you check out the images below, you can see that there is an extra paneling on the knee, and that the inside is made with lots of detailed stitching. The great thing about this detail is that you can actually bend your legs in these jeans without restriction. Something you would not be able to do otherwise in a pair of jeans with little or no stretch at all.   MOTO-MIDRISE-FIT-TRYNCA-WASH-criinkle-backcrinkle-fron-MOTO-MIDRISE-FIT-TRYNCA-WASH
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