Flaunt Magazine Pairs Norman Reedus with Cult of Individuality
Norman Reedus has played Daryl Dixon, the crossbow-slinging zombie-fighting man of few words, on AMC’s The Walking Dead for five seasons, and he’ll star in the forth- coming post-apocalyptic survival thriller Air this spring, but witnessing the constant annihilation of human life—as he knows it—doesn’t bring him down. In fact, with his new book of photography, The Sun’s Coming Up... Like A Big Bald Head, it’s clear to see that all that gloom and doom inspires him. Reedus recently geared up in some of the latest Cult Denim styles and hung out with our friends over at Flaunt Magazine. Check out the full photo spread and article over here. Cult Denim ‘Greaser’ slim straight jeans in authentic 100% cotton aged Japanese selvage denim with hand- embroidered. Norm reebus in Cult Denim's ‘Clint’ denim shirt and ‘Rocker’ slim Japanese denim jeans. FLAUNT REEBUS CULT DENIM Cult of Individuality Presents Norman Reedus for Flaunt from Flaunt on Vimeo.

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