July Media Round Up
The release of a new lookbook always is an exciting time for fashion designers, and Cult of Individuality is no exception. On top of the buzz surrounding the latest collection, we've spotted Cult in some of our favorite blogs, glossies, and websites. It may be cliché to mention fireworks in a July sightings post, but we were seeing them everywhere we turned!  

5. Cryskay.com

Keeping the "July gloom" spirit alive, blogger Crystal of cryskay.com explored the darker side of florals with this month's Cult of Individuality look. By featuring our most-loved shorts, the Rockabilly in Onyx, her outfit was kept right on point by exclusively throwing darker hues into the mix.   caption

4. Nylon Magazine

Sometimes even cowgirls get the blues, but the look we spotted from The Denim Issue of NYLON gave us countless reasons to turn that frown upside down. Cult of Individuality made an appearance in the magazine's pages with a model donning their denim button-up shirt beneath a blazer. The final product? A ruggedly sexy look that's a little bit country and a little bit uptown.   caption  

3. Bliss.com

Since the invention of the gym, women have been asking a very important question: how can someone go from pumping iron to sipping mochas without looking like they crawled out of a gym bag? Fortunately, Bliss.com shed some light on the dilemma in their article "From Sweaty To Sweet: Post-Gym Fashion," which featured the light and breezy Teaser Skinny Twill in royal Blue. Post gym outfit: check.   bliss-graphic2  

2. The Jeans Blog

Blockbuster films have trailers, television finales have teasers, and designers have the lookbook. This preview of the Fall/ Winter 2014 line has made its premiere this month on The Jeans Blog, showcasing some of our sexiest snaps to date. Cult fanatics couldn't get enough of the newest styles, which started rolling out at the end of the month. Keep an eye out for them in the New Arrivals section at cultofindividuality.com!   caption  

1. Us Weekly

In this US Weekly Collector's Edition, readers got a peek of what goes on behind the scenes of the hit show, Duck Dynasty, from the stars themselves. While some of the other members of they clan were busy spilling family secrets, Sadie Robertson decided to let her clothing do the talking. Doesn't she look great in these Teaser Skinnies?   caption

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