And the Future Vintage Oscar® goes to...
We’re definitely heading into the home stretch. From what I can see, your jeans should be pretty crushed by now. If you haven’t washed them, they probably have a sort of sheen to them, that means it’s working. By the time we get done with this and you give them a good wash, they are going to look amazing.   We didn’t get too many submissions for the Oscar® competition, but one really stood out, from the leader of the pack, @michaelchristian424. Check out his Grease redux –  

#grease #cultdenim #cultfuturevintage #cultofindividuality my future cult Oscar shot! @cultdenim

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Congratulations Michael. Look for your plaid shirt, and now your palm tree shirt, in the mail! They will be coming together.   Everyone else, there are only two more challenges to catch up to Michael and then we wrap this up! Remember, it’s mostly about how your jeans look in the end. We’re going to narrow down the competition, and then let the people decide whose goes on to production, and who wins the $1,000 of Cult merch. You can do it! So get out there and kick your Cult’s butt and show us what you’ve got!   Post us a shot, either on or off, that shows us how much wear they are getting, unique to only you. And don’t for get to hashtag that beast. #CultFutureVintage #CultDenim #WearAndTear.

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