#CultFutureVintage Challenge #1: Ready for Action
Cult of Individuality's Future Vintage Project has finally kicked off. The months ahead will be filled with denim stretching, cuffing, and just good old denim beat downs. So Future Vintage challengers, if you're like the rest of us denim heads, we know you'll stop at nothing to get the best fades.   Over the next 7 months, Cult will be issuing periodic challenges to everyone working on their fades. Each challenge creates opportunities to put your denim to the test, create great photo ops, and most of all – help get your jeans closer to that worked in vintage style.

Challenge #1

Show your raw denim in action –

At work, at play etc... Cult wants you to remember, movement promotes great fading, so get out there and get your jeans busy. Cult will be giving props, shout outs and gear for the most creative, toughest and highest intensity action shots, so have at it! Over the next month, post your best shots of you and your Cult denims in action via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram tagged #CultFutureVintage.

A great start

Some of you have already starting sharing shots of you and your raw denim in action, and it's looking like a lot of fun. Here is a highlight of some of your best shots from the early stages competition – you can check out all the social activity here, and see all the latest blog content associated with the challenge here.


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  Check out @ryanbklee's cinch back along with the chain wallet. Great style!             
@cultdenim @the_jeans_blog A new journey is about to begin #CultFutureVintage #CultofOne #denim #jeans View on Instagram
  @mobileauthor  is all about context. Wonder where that rail journey will take him. By the way, the Chrome bag is a great choice as well.

#cultfuturevintage and #b7cleanstart. Day 2 of 7 long months.

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  @thee-drgeenius is in it for the long haul. Remember we'll be looking out for him these next 7 months.         
Another great pair of jeans from one of my favorites - @cultdenim repping #cultfuturevintage. Watch how well these wear in over the next 7 months. I'll be posting pics weekly. Special thanks to @holstandlee @lukewessman @rg74 for the "accessories" work. Style isn't bought or earned. It's IN you or it's NOT you. View on Instagram
  @daddydoitall is bringing his 'A' game, and it doesn't look like he does things halfway, so watch for some righteous fades in the future.

Just got my @cultdenim jeans and they have a mind of their own. I let them know that they won't see the insides of this machine until sometime in April, that's the life of Japanese selvedge denim. #cultfuturevintage

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  @dextosterone is just teasing that washing machine. Those Cults probably won't be seeing soap for a while.

 And we're just getting started...

So yes, get those action shots in over the next few weeks. We're all looking forward to seeing how this shapes up.

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