#CultFutureVintage Challenge #2: Dirt Bath
It's hard to believe we're already into month 3 of our raw denim challenge. We're excited seeing how everyone's denims are starting to wear in. And frankly, some of you are clearly demonstrating that you and your jeans know how to have a good time. But time keeps moving forward and the holiday season is now upon us. Though we don't mind embracing all that is prim and proper about this festive and thankful time of year, we'd hate for you to lose sight of what makes breaking in raw denim so real and invigorating. And that brings us to #CultFurure Vintage Challenge #2.  

Challenge #2: Give Your Denim a Dirt Bath

Put all your hibernation urges aside, and weather be damned – It's time to give your denim a dirt bath! An extra layer of Mother Earth's special coating brings character to your jeans, so feel free to get messy and share with us the fruits of your labor. And don't forget to impart a little local flavor. East Coast grime, desert dust and even Georgia's red earth all can go a long way in making your denim fades unforgettably unique. So feel free to show us what you got over the next few weeks. Winner will receive shout outs, props, and even some Cult Denim gear!  

Challenge #1 Recap

We last left you with the challenge to show us your raw denim in action. Movement promotes great fading and quite a few of you took this challenge to heart. Here are a few of our favorite 'action shots' from the past few weeks –  

How much hipster flair can you identify??? #diehipsters #triumph #tr6c @blondezillagirl #CultFutureVintage

A photo posted by racerbrady (@racerbrady) on

  @racerbrady: No shortage of flair but the jeans and that bike is very, very real!    
#cultfuturevintage @cultdenim A photo posted by @carlosgreer on
@carlosgreer, man about town doing justice to those jeans!  

Art work by @mesngr86. Outtake photo from #CultFutureVintage shoot. #jeans #denim

A photo posted by Patrick Ng (@mobileauthor) on

@mobileauthor, looking good at Pacific Beach!      
"Put on your red shoes and dance the blues." #abundance #cultfuturevintage #cultdenim A video posted by Damien Calavera (@damiencalavera) on
@damiencalavera, getting his groove on. Those jeans are meant for moving!  
@coppermikegravesendcycles doing some serious work!  

And Challenge #1 Props Go To...

Well done @coppermikegravesendcycles. You clearly know how to put your jeans to the test. For your efforts, an awesome Cult Beanie will be coming your way!   And to everyone, please keep those photos coming, tagged #CultFutureVintage. Here is a highlight of some of your best shots from the early stages competition – you can check out all the social activity here, and see all the latest blog content associated with the challenge here.

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