#CultFutureVintage Challenge #3: Show Us Your Holiday Spirit
It’s that time of year… and if you’re anything like me at all, this is one of your favorite seasons… when we can put on our favorite pair of jeans, bundle up, and head out to enjoy, and sometimes over enjoy, the holidays.  

Challenge #3: Show Us Your Holiday Spirit

And that’s what we want to see for this Challenge… Future Vintage Challenge #3; The Challenge of the Holiday Spirit. Post all your unfiltered celebrations, festivities and holiday hijinx with #CultFutureVintage. As usual, we’ll be sharing all the fun on our right here on our blog, so be sure to check it out!   May the best futurist win... we've got a pretty cool prize for this challenge.   Happy holidays gang!   Enjoy, and be safe… there are a lot of knuckleheads out there this time of year.  

Challenge #2 Recap

Congratulations my fellow Future Vintagists… the #CultFutureVintage Dirt Bath Challenge is complete. We got a handful of good entries, including those from @CopperMike (very strong) and @jonBarberphoto (very wet) – but we have to give this round to @DamienCalavera! Maybe he didn’t give his jeans a literal “dirt bath”… but a paint bath is pretty good too. We also appreciate the blood and the community work! Check out @DamienCalavera and the other Future Vintagists here.   7a29d09d-1269-409a-92d4-aa42f8f7cba1 @DamienCalavera, thanks for the hard work! Art is definitely a dirty business!    

Dirt Bath Highlights

No doubt about it – @coppermikegravesendcycles knows how to get those jeans dirty!              
These boxes have turkeys in them so they're hella heavy. Feeding families is tough work. #cultdenim #cultfuturevintage A photo posted by Damien Calavera (@damiencalavera) on
@damienalavera, this months winner, took the opportunity to do good for people while giving his denims a dirt bath – and we like that!!    

@blondezillagirl: #cultFutureVintage #cultdenim Rollin tough at #dayinthedirt !! @racerbrady" 

A photo posted by Cult of Individuality (@cultdenim) on

@blondezillagirl, @racerbrady's partner in crime showing us the fastest way to a dirt bath – right on!!

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