#CultFutureVintage Challenge 4: The Oscar Challenge
The awards season has us pretty amped, and we want to join the fun too, so –  it’s time to unleash your creativity for this challenge. You have it in you – let’s get fired up and get those cameras working!!  

Challenge #4: The Oscar Challenge

For this challenge, let’s either re-create a movie scene, or create your own. It could be a drama, a thriller, a comedy, a buddy flick between you and your Cults… Just post it with #CultFutureVintage and hashtag your movie scene description, like #McQueenChaseScene, or #Slapstick or #ZombieApocalypse, #HealthClass101… That sort of thing, whatever helps you tell us about your movie scene.   You only have a couple of weeks for this challenge, so let’s all get on this one and have some fun.   Also, how’s the fading going? Can you guys show us some close ups of wearing, tearing, whiskering and fading? That would be cool.  

Challenge #3 Recap

We hope you all had an awesome and safe holiday, and are charging headfirst with blazing glory into 2015. We’ve got a lot of cool things going on at Cult, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on. In the meantime, we happy to give props to the FV Challenge 3 Winner.   First the runner-ups...  
  @Racerbrady was definately showing us some goliday inspiration. Hope that swim went well!    
Morning after #cultfuturevintage #cultofIndividuality #cultdenim A photo posted by Jon Barber (@jonbarberphoto) on
@jonbarberphoto definitely showed us some holiday festivities went down!   But this one won by a razor...  
The most impressive photo had to be @michaelchristian424, putting a 20-year beard out to pasture. That my friends is a commitment. Very impressive, even if it wasn’t for us, we’re going to pretend that it was. How about sharing a before and after? A Cult Denim t-shirt is coming your way!     photo credit: JoeyBLS Photography via photopin cc

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