We Got Raw. We Got Dirty: The Cult Future Vintage Project Finale

We all love a sweet pair of raw denim worn into an ass-kicking fade. But getting that perfect pair of denim doesn’t come from chucking your jeans into the wash along with your gym clothes and office khakis—that’s a sure way to mediocrity. No, it comes from effort. Taking care to treat your raw denim properly, while also running them through a gauntlet of physical work, action and dirt that made denim the work wear of choice for generations. And as a reward for your efforts, you get a “well-worn, yet ready for more look” that is uniquely your own. That is the essence of what the Future Vintage Project is all about. Love them hard, yet treat them right and raw denim will do right by you. Mike_Cole_Cult We started the Future Vintage Project over six months ago. Connected with dozens of denim-loving participants. Put them through five unique challenges. Combed through hundreds of photos. Gave thousands the opportunity to have their say. And with the help of an approving public, found one winner. After a final vote hosted on, Mike Cole, aka @michaelchristian424 received approval of the people for his genuinely well-worn Cult Denim and took home the Future Vintage crown. No doubt Mike did it the old fashioned way, working on his bikes (he is the proprietor of Gravesend Cycles and a master motorcycle builder), hanging with his best girl, and just living the all-around life of a man who appreciates the process of breaking in raw, high-quality selvedge denim. Future_Vintage_Mike_Cole Congratulations to Mike Cole, and to all our Cult Future Vintage Project participants. Mike will receive $1000 credit to In addition, his worn-in raw denim will serve as inspiration for a future Cult Denim wash. We look forward to doing future challenges with people who appreciate quality denim as much as we do. Till then, keep kicking ass!


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