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It’s time to get “Raw”. Beginning October 1, Cult of Individuality will be hosting its first ever Future Vintage Project. A raw denim challenge with a twist. Sign up today to participate, and the effects of your signature style could earn a limited time place in Cult’s product line, and win you a $1000 credit.   All you have to do is commit to wearing a pair of raw denim from Cult as often as possible through April 30th, without hand or machine washing. Each passing use and abuse will help to create a unique and natural fade, wear and “whiskering” effect, reflecting your own individual style. To keep things interesting, Cult is throwing in monthly challenges that will be sure to impact the overall finish of the jeans.   Throughout the process of breaking in your raw denim, you will be asked you to document the progress with photos and videos via Facebook, blog posts, Twitter and Instagram – and tag it with #CultFutureVintage.   Then, on May 1st, 2015, you will finally be allowed to wash your jeans, revealing your finished Future Vintage product so that Cult can choose the finalist’s finished styles, along with their style’s name, for Cult’s fans to vote on. Winner take all.  

UPDATE, 10/05/14

Unfortunately, the registration period has ended. But that doesn't mean you can't still get involved. Check out the Future Vintage Project's community page to track the progress of the project. And sign up for regular updates here. You'll want to keep track, because Cult will be looking forward to you helping them find a winner in the end.  

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