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Because no two pair of jeans wear-in the same way, there is no finer fashion canvas for expressing your individuality than raw denim. Raw, untreated selvedge denim breaks-in and conforms to your body with every wear prior to their first wash. It truly takes on the characteristics of your movement and lifestyle. It absorbs your surroundings. And it reflects back a worn-in style that is truly "designed by you".  

Something We Call "Future Vintage"

Over the years, Cult of Individuality has come to appreciate the twists, styles and interpretations that their customers imprint on Cult’s raw, or “dry” denim. That sublime outline from a smart phone in your pocket. A touch of shop grease around the cuffs. Those habitually pulled belt-loops. All elements evolving to give your denim a unique, singular, vintage-like look and feel. It’s inspired them to think of each of their raw denim products as “Future Vintage” – Because each pair they make has the potential to become a timeless denim classic. And now they want to help you create your very own, and, potentially, a new Cult Style.   Cult Rocker SlimCult Rocker Slim raw Denim 2


Introducing the Future Vintage Project

Now, Cult wants more fans of denim to discover the unique personal appeal of raw, and maybe get more of that Cult individual style, but recreating one of their customers style. Introducing the Cult of Individuality version of a raw denim challenge – the Future Vintage Project. As with most raw denim challenges, you are asked to go through several months of breaking in your raw denim by wearing them as often as possible and putting them through their paces without washing them, so that they take on the characteristics unique to your own lifestyle and fit. If you’re new to raw denim, and unsure of how to take care of them, break them in or treat them – here are a few tips and tricks for you. To get started you will need to get your new pair of Cult Dry Denim (Cult uses the term dry instead of raw, but they have the same meaning) and post them on Instagram or Twitter using #CultFutureVintage. Then, throughout the following 7 months of the Project, you will face monthly challenges and document your denim journey with photos, Facebook posts, blog posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, etc. – all tagged with #CultFutureVintage so that Cult can monitor the progress of the Project, and choose a group of finalists.

Seven Months Later

At the end of Cults challenge, we will choose several finalists, and those who follow the Project will be able to vote on their favorite. The winning pair of #CultFutureVintage will be re-produced and debut as a limited style in Cult's 2016 product line, with the winner receiving a$1000 credit to www.Cultofindividuality.com, and a healthy amount of Cult swag to keep wearing-in. To learn more, sign up, and start your very own #CultFutureVintage journey, please check it out here. And, to purchase your own Cult Future Vintage raw denim, visit them here.  Good luck to all who rise to the challenge.  

UPDATE: Registration is Closed. But...

UPDATE, OCT. 6 – Registration to participate in the Future Vintage Project has closed, but don't worry, you can still follow their progress right here.  Cult has denim heads from all walks of life participating in the Project, so it's going to be entertaining to see who is posting, how creative they get, how they rise to challenges, and how it effects their fades. Follow the project, and Cult will give you 30% off any purchase at their online store. Who knows... maybe you will be inspired to start your own Future Vintage Project.

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