140 years later… and denim is still wearing strong.


It’s probably a sure bet that when Jacob Davis first transformed a bolt of denim and a few bits of metal into blue jeans, that he wasn’t imaging they would eventually find their way to become a perennial fashion favorite. But 140 years later, the form and functionality of the blue jean has always been a representative icon of American icons. From the hard working steel workers to farmers to manufacturers and mechanics. From rock stars to artists. From T. Bone Walker, to Steve McQueen. Blue jeans have found their place among the infamously authentic. And these days, that earlier, honest, hard working functionality driven design of American work wear have never been more inspiring.   For the 2014 Cult of Individuality men’s line, Ron Poisson has taken the Way Back Machine to follow his own passions for the past. Poisson has integrated elements from the early form and function of traditional American work wear into this seasons line for men. This includes looser fitting styles crafted of heavy, raw denims that conform to the body with regular wear, forward seams and even traditional cinch backs to adjust fit and comfort. The line harkens to eras where a true, honest days work was more important than the label in your belt line, and your denim was as much of a tool as the wrench or hammer in your hand.   But Cult didn’t limit this back to basics passion to the men’s line, they have also brought much of the same inspiration to Cult’s 2014 women’s line as well. Poisson has taken inspiration from some of denim’s more provocative moments in history and created styles that exude a potent blend of style, substance and sexiness By incorporating classic technique like jacquard, Cult of Individuality has taken denim to new level in the fashion denim evolution. 2014 even includes a reversible treat for women with Cult’s Teaser Skinny Reverse. A fun tiger camo print on one side, and a classic, clean darker denim on the other.   As in seasons past, and perhaps even more so, Cult’s signature attention to detail can be found in virtually every stitch. It’s a testament to the dedication of the craft that Poisson and the entire Cult of Individuality team possess. From the buttons, to the seams, to every last detail and nuance… it’s all born from a single minded passion for the denim craft. Check out www.cultofindividuality.com to see the full spring/summer 2014 line up, and to find a retailer near you.

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