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There are cowboys, and there’s Clint. There are motorcycles, and there’s the ’55 Triumph TR5. There are jeans, and there’s raw denim.   Unless you live in a hole, you’ve probably seen a lot of buzz and babble about raw denim lately. And for good reason. Good raw denim is more than a pair of pants; it’s an experience, a challenge, and a personal archive of a life well-lived, all wrapped up in two legs.  Raw, untreated selvedge denim breaks in and conforms to your body and movement with every wear prior to their first wash. And that first wash? Wait until they are genuinely broken in… give it a good 6 months to a year.   Raw denim sometimes referred to as “Dry” because the jeans are made of unwashed denim. With pre-treated denim, the fit, finish and character are virtually pre-ordained. And hey, that’s cool. Some people even find peace with the predictable… however, the people at Cult of Individuality aren’t too comfortable with the mundane.   Cult has crafted heavyweight raw denim jeans in many of their fits and styles for the individuals who want a bit more out of a pair of jeans. Cult’s raw denim and honest construction make their jeans tough enough to absorb all the wear and abuse a typical Cult customer will put on his jeans – creasing, whiskering and developing its own unique character with each passing wear. With months of consistent movement, the wearer breaks their own story into each pair, creating a new personal classic. Nothing should feel more like home than a good pair of jeans, and Cult seems to know that means offering more cuts and color options to genuinely start with a pair that fits your own personality.     Each button on the Hagen Relaxed and Rebel Straight is as unique as the individual wearing them.   The Rebel Straight creates an ideal canvas for guys that want to take their typical straight leg jeans to the next level. The fit is just relaxed enough to be comfortable, but is close enough to the body to pick up detailed cues on how the denim should be shaped.   In addition to the classic design, there also is an option to get the Rebel Straight with a cinch back. On this classic work wear staple, a small belt-like denim strap runs through a detailed Cult buckle. Raw denim fans wanting an authentic vintage vibe to their jeans can use this intricate detail to make an especially heritage style of jeans. Shop Rebel Straight raw denim here.   The cinch back pays homage to vintage workwear and is available with the Rebel Straight cut.   The wearer of the Hagen Relaxed likes their jeans to take priority in comfort, preferring a more loose fit. By offering three shades of raw denim, the Hagen Relaxed also holds the status as one of Cult's most customizable styles available. The first and most traditional coloring is Dry (classic indigo dye with a red selvedge stitch), followed by Slate Dry (with light blue stitching) and Grey Dry (with yellow stitching).   So, why does a pop of color on the inside of your jeans even matter?  Simply put, this detail separates the boys from the men in the world of raw denim.  The signature selvedge taping shows that the fabric was cut at the edge of the spool, indicating higher quality and stronger durability. Shop Hagen Relaxed denim here.   hagen   The Rocker Slim style is perfect for the guy that wants to get more personal with their denim. The cut tight enough to show off what their mamas gave them, but loose enough to look like they aren't borrowing their girlfriend's jeans.   This basic slim-cut jean keeps it classic with a zipper - the only raw style in Cult's line-up to ditch the buttons. The tighter fit on this style is also prone to show early whiskering, the fade lines that develop from extensive wear. Shop the Rocker Slim here.   Raw denim gets to know its wearer on a very intimate level.   As a note, designers recommend you buy one size bigger than normal, as the jean will shrink about 10% during the first wash. Regardless of what cut you decide on, we know you'll enjoy a long and rewarding relationship with your new denim.   Welcome to the Cult of Individuality.

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