What's New: Cult Women for Fall/Winter

We recently had a chance to talk with Cult of Individuality co-founder and lead designer Ron Poisson about some of Cult's newest styles for Fall/Winter 2014.  

What is the story behind the Cult Women's line as a whole? What is the common thread between the men’s line and women’s line?

We want to create modern vintage womens collection that mirrored the DNA of the mens collection, but also echoed a sexy yet sophisticated elegance., We used advanced washing techniques, carefully selected materials blended with authentic styling. Our Cult women's collection creates its unique identity of reinvented chic vintage look. Every element of Cult comes from history and it creates, evolves within history and that's the common thread with men's line. We focus more on wash for mens, more on styling for womens.  

What's new and noteworthy with Cult Denim's women's line-up for fall/winter?

Cult added a unique coating technique to the collection that creates a denim jean that has the look and feel of a premium leather pant. but at a fraction of the cost. And we've paired that with some authentic moto silhouettes. The most premium denim brands have moved away from the traditional denim, a jean that feels like a jean. A jean that when a woman puts it on, she feels comfortable and secure. that her shape is being molded and fitted. Most brands are doing lighter weight super stretch denims that are no longer jeans, they are denim leggings. We wanted to get back to making jeans for woman who wanted to feel like she was wearing a jean, not a jegging. To do so we're using a 10.75OZ  comfort stretch Japanese denim. The benefits of heavier denim fabric are that it can resists wash processes that gives real denim look. Over time, it is also better suited to It also can maintain that tight fit rather than stretch out.  

We're seeing full length zippers, laser printed patterns etc. – what are some of the more unique looks and style this season and what was the inspiration behind them?

Instead of inventing a totally new technique, we've combined 2 or more existing techniques to create a new look. Here are some examples:     Our Teaser Skinnies in Pine and Scarlet are created with an overdye, coating and dye process to give a rich, distinctive finish: Teaser Skinny in PINE and SCARLET     Our Teaser Skinny in HOMRE uses coating and a laser print to create a unique 'snakeskin' finish: Zen_Midrise_sjunny_blk_Studs_Teaser_skny_hombre     Our Moto Jacket in black is bomber jacket with a button down shoulder breast flap, a unique trench coat detail: Moto_Jacket     747_14B_500B_1__51676.1412203458.357.550 Our Zen Midrise Skinny in Rinse is inspired by 70s vintage jeans, and is cut to bring up the hips and convey a sexy look.


How do you see women accessorizing these new styles?

mixing sophisticated with casual... the line is diverse. you can have a lzy day shopping in the big city. jeans, wedge sneakers and a comfy sweater. or you can dress it up for the even, with a coated moto, fur vest and heels.... Everyone has different taste and we respect that so we try to make our line to be so diverse that can be worn by everyone and anyone.        

The Moto Midrise Skinny has gotten some positive buzz with bloggers and in social media. From your perspective, what makes this style special?

With our advanced coating technique, the Moto Midrise Skinny looks real leather pants, instead of putting over load of zipper and other embellishments we put just key element of moto style and It comes in 2 different styles in 2 colors for each style, black and teal. ARTS DISTRICT    

What can we expect for spring and summer? Give us a hint as to some of the new styles coming in the future.

We will continue to expand on the TRUE denim portion of our collection getting back to the roots of denim. expanding on our vintage washes and fits. such as overall, slouchy, boyfriend shorts and pants. That’s all I can say now, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

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